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Importing a Honda Civic Type R FD2R (2007-2011)

The legendary Civic Type R is a blend of everyday useability, reliability, and racecar pedigree. With special suspension and chassis tuning, factory tuned engines that punch above their weight and simplicity in maintaining and tuning, the Civic Type R is highly popular around the world.

One of the most storied Civic Type Rs is the 2007-2011 Japan and Malaysia only model, known amongst Honda enthusiasts as the FD2R. It was the first sedan/four door Type R, breaking the two door hatchback mould, and featured some of the best that Honda had to offer.


The last of the naturally aspirated factory K20A makes more power, thanks to higher compression, different cams, tune, and an intake manifold with longer runners. The intake system has also been fiddled with, resulting in better airflow.

Honda Japan used aluminium extensively throughout the front of the body, with bonding technology instead of rivets to keep weight down while increasing chassis rigidity. As a result, it is 50% stiffer than the outgoing Integra Type R.


The fully independent rear suspension made a massive difference compared to the UK built Civic Type R, which only had a torsion beam. As a result, the FD2R was quicker by over 4 seconds around the Suzuka circuit compared to the outgoing Integra Type R DC5.

We are the first Australian importers to bring the FD2R under new import rules. As such, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge on what to look out for when inspecting FD2Rs. You can purchase one from us directly, or we can import one that will tick all your boxes. Check out our import broker process here.

We can also provide servicing and parts for the FD2R if you wish to maintain, accessorise, or modify your car.


If you have any questions regarding importing a Honda Civic Type R FD2R, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you!


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Check out examples of Honda Civic Type R FD2Rs we have available for sale and previously imported below

90,150 KMs

Grade 4B

117,000 KMs

123,512 KMs

85,254 KMs

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