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Importing a Honda N-Box

Japanese Kei cars are gaining in popularity in Australia, and for good reason. These quirky looking cars are powered by a highly efficient 660cc engine, mainly with a CVT gearbox. While packing only 66hp, it is zippy enough for everyday metro traffic.


The small dimensions make it easy to find parking. The usual boxy shapes ensure massive interior room, and these cars are packed with clever designs that maximise every square inch available.

For the past 10 years, the Honda N-Box has been Japan’s best selling kei car, and for good reason. The funky exterior has the usual spunky Honda design DNA, making it look good without being too cute or clunky.


Inside, the dashboard is easy to see without limiting the view outside the front window. There are plenty of cubby holes, cup and bottle holders. On the high end models, the N-Box has leather seats with heating, 360 degree view cameras, auto cruise control, lane keeping and collision avoidance/warning.

As Australia’s premier Honda N-Box importer, we can offer a choice of bringing an N-box that ticks all of your boxes. Basic N-Boxes start at $25,000 and go up to $40,000 depending on the model, mileage and features ticked.


We can also order a brand new N-Box from the dealership, with options specified exactly to your requirements. Contact us if you have any special requests for N-Box parts.

We can also provide servicing and parts for the Honda N-Box if you wish to maintain, accessorise, or modify your car. 


If you have any questions regarding importing a Honda N-Box, Contact Us today and we’ll get back to you!

Check out examples of Honda N-Boxes we have available for sale and previously imported below

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