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1991 Honda Civic SIR - EG6

1991 Honda Civic SIR - EG6

The introduction of the 1991 Civic from Honda was a watershed moment in compact car history. Fondly known by enthusiasts as the 'EG Civic', derived from its chassis code, this generation sparked a revolution in design, handling, and engineering most car manufacturers could only copy over the next couple of decades.


Take for example, the simple rear view mirror. It was the first mass produced car that had one mounted on the front windscreen for that clean seamless look. The door handles sit flush with the panels, instead of protruding out like eye sores. The rear hatch door was a work of art; splitting into two, so you can lift just the glass up to access the boot, or folding down the metal bottom for bigger objects. The rear seats fold completely flat, and there was a hidden compartment between the boot cover and spare wheel well.


The stylish one piece seats were straight out of a modern art gallery, and the flowing, curvy dashboard instantaneously made the boxy lines of other cars look dated; confined to the 80s.


Under the car, the front and rear featured double wishbone independent suspension, a choice dictated by Honda's engineers with F1 experience, allowing for unmatched handling at the limits of grip. The SiR came with a 1.6L double overhead cam engine with a funny valvetrain system...the Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC yo), that allowed for fuel sipping economy around town, and a screaming race engine once the revs swooped past 5600RPM.


For sale here is an example of the genesis of modern hot hatchbacks. We had been restoring this slowly back to its glory days to enjoy it, but now we sadly have to let it go due to lack of space.


The nitty gritty:

1991 Honda Civic SiR


Resprayed in factory black

Prefacelift original EG6 interior, with Gathers speakers, auto air-conditioning, folding side mirrors, long middle armrest

Converted auto to manual

Manual cluster swapped and mileage adjusted to reflect original mileage

Y21 Gearbox with Mfactory 4.785 Final Drive and EK9 LSD

New rear engine mounts, CV boots, clutch master cylinder

All new gaskets, seals, drive belts, water pump

All new suspension bushings, trailing arms, camber arms, upper and lower arms

Chipped Neptune ECU

Genuine Honda Wheel Caps

Spoon stick on blue side and rear view mirrors


Asking price is $42,000 or best offer excluding government costs.

We can ship to anywhere in the world!

We are negotiable on inspection!

Interstate buyers and mechanical inspections welcomed! Contact us via DM or

02 9790 299




    $42,000.00 Regular Price
    $37,888.00Sale Price
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