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2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

2015 Suzuki Alto Turbo RS

Everyone knows red goes faster. And the smaller the chilli the spicier. Here we have the Alto Turbo RS, with its peppy turbo 660cc engine propelling only 720kg of weight around. Despite the tiny footprint, the space in the cabin is huge. Ryan Reynolds* at 1.88m will fit very comfortably in the front seats, and still leave enough legroom for the rear passenger directly behind him.


This example here has a semi automated gearshift, for those who prefer assisted fun times in traffic or touge.


Key Feature

  • 88000KM
  • Monster Sports Lowering Spring
  • KC-Techica KC-B Flash Tune
  • HKS SFR Spark Plugs
  • Speed Limiter removed
  • Rev limit set to 7800RPM
  • Remapped ignition, fuel and VVT
  • Boosted to 1.1-1.2 bar with a boost solenoid map adjustment
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