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2016 Suzuki Alto Works

2016 Suzuki Alto Works

Picture this, you just got your red Ps. You stroll out to this sick little kei car you've been learning in. You drive it to school, pull up and get the turbo spooling.




Every one turns to look and gives you a thumbs up.


Then you wake up and realised you're now 32, dreaming you owned a hectic car in high school instead of nan's old Swift.


You can relive those cool high school dreams again, with this Suzuki Alto Works. Pull up looking flash at school zones dropping your kids off, then snap necks at your local cafe when you pick up your strong long black. Leave those turtlenecks drinking oat milk lattes clucking their disapproval at your mini hoonigan, even though you're probably doing more to save the world with its manufacturer quoted 4.3L/100KMs fuel consumption than their argy bargy SUVs.


Key Features:

  • Recaro SR7 bucket seats
  • Precise and light 5 speed manual gearbox
  • Blitz dual exit exhaust and rear lip
  • KYB yellow sport shocks and springs
  • ECU reflashed by BB Racing, a renowned Suzuki Japanese tuner
  • Logbooks, manuals, spare smart keys with grade 4C auction record


12 months NSW rego or best offer excluding government costs.


We can ship to anywhere in the world!

We are negotiable on inspection!

Interstate buyers and mechanical inspections welcomed!


To arrange a viewing or learn more about this affordable Suzuki Alto Works, please call us at 02 9790 2996 or PM directly


Location: Unit 10, 120 Hume Highway, Chullora, NSW

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