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2017 Nissan Note E-Power Nismo

2017 Nissan Note E-Power Nismo

Want to save the planet without sacrificing motoring fun AND your first born to Elon Musk?

Now you can, with Nissan's innovative e-Power. Its concept is basically an electric motor with a 1.2L gasoline generator, equipped with a 47L fuel tank. The driven wheels are connected only to the electric motor, with a 1.5kw/h battery to charge off.


With Nissan's quoted consumption of 2.9L/100km, it's got a range of about 1600kms. The difference between a Prius and this, is that Nismo has worked it's magic on the suspension and exterior, giving it a sporty face, retuned shocks and springs. It'll make quick work of corners, and the 250Nm torque delivered by the electric motor will haul its light butt out of corners much faster too.


The steering has been tweaked to give more feedback, and while it's not going to offer Porsche like driving feel, it's leaps and bounds ahead of other subcompacts in its class.


Test drive* or 3rd party mechanical inspection available! Finance is available!

Contact us via PM or email for more details.

*Must be double vaccinated or have medical certificate of exemption from vaccines to book a test drive as per NSW Health directives

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