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2021 Suzuki Spacia Gear XZ Turbo Hybrid

2021 Suzuki Spacia Gear XZ Turbo Hybrid

Look, you're reading this ad because you are about to make an epic decision in your life. You are about to abandon all norms of horrible cliché Australian motoring, and buy one that just makes sense. Small, economical, and fully loaded with every cool modern car options. A proper, Japanese kei car. The good stuff they keep on shore for themselves. Until now. As one of the first importers to bring them in, we love them with a passion and know all the ins and outs of these cars. It helps we own a few of them personally too!


And just look at it! Park it next to a Ferrari and it will steal all the attention. And yet get in and go, without feeling pompous or scared about the next service bill or gas stop. The tough wearing and easy cleaning materials used inside means you won't be dreading clean up once you're down with the great outdoors on the weekend.


This one has every option ticked under the sun, save for 4WD. The hidden shopping basket comes with every car.


Features and options:

  • Official SUZUKI Dealer Demo car!
  • Only 5400kms travelled
  • Automatic cruise control, lane keeping assist
  • Automatic headlights
  • Anti collision automated braking (front and reversing)
  • 360 degree camera
  • Heads up display
  • Apple Carplay and Android Auto with Suzuki Factory headunit
  • Standard roof racks from factory
  • Ultra low fuel consumption only 3.5L/100KM!
  • Industry leading 3 years/60,000KM national warranty with capped price servicing up to 100,000kms!


Will come with 1 year NSW registration excluding government costs, this Spacia Gear is ready for you and your weekend gear.

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