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You may have seen it pop up somewhere on our socials, but it's finally complied and ready for sale! The Daihatsu Tough and Almighty Fun Tool (or TAFT) is a wagon kei car dedicated to looking...well, tough. Ever seen those old Mighty Mouse cartoons? This is pretty much the automotive epitome of Mighty Mouse. Small but tough as.


It looks bad ass, yet cute and cuddly due to its kei car dimensions. It's the only kei car with a moonroof. Yes, it is smaller than the vans, but what it lacks in space it makes up in style. Just look at it! The half roof racks with the TAFT logo is just *muah*!


Inside, the camo upholstery is made of tough, easy to clean material, and you sit high enough to almost convince yourself it's a Hummer. There's a giant 11in screen with built in Apple Carplay/Android Auto, as well as a top down 360 degree camera view! The rest of the dash is pretty spartan, but the TAFT offers lane keeping assist, auto cruise control, and emergency city braking as part of its safety nanny features.


Yes, you have more space in the NBox. Yes, you can go offroading in the Jimny. And yes, the Alto RS is quicker and more fun around the corners. But nothing beats rolling around traffic in a baby Hummer that does 4L/100kms!


The nitty gritty:

  • 11,000kms
  • Logbooks and spare keys
  • Grade 5A
  • Factory Apple Carplay/Android Auto with 360 degree cameras
  • Wireless phone charging
  • Factory optioned roof racks
  • Turbocharged like the cool kei cars
  • Auto cruise control, lane keeping assist, and city braking assist
  • Moonroof!
  • Heated front seats
  • Auto brake holding
  • PWR button that works (we tested)


Comes with 1 year NSW registration, excluding government costs

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