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The Car You’ve Always Wanted

And the import garage you’d trust to get it from. We are motivated to help you own the car you’ve always wanted. Whether it’s a vintage Lancer Evolution from early 90s to the latest JDM exclusive not available anywhere else in the world, the Go! Garage team is ready to find it for you.

Why trust us? We are car enthusiasts like you, first and foremost. We have high standards for our own cars, and we apply the same standards to the cars we buy for you. From kei cars to supercars, every little detail is scoured over to ensure you’re getting the car you expect. Our processes are smooth and easy to understand, and guides you each step from auction yard to our Sydney dealership/garage. While we are also passionate about cars, we understand being in love with the automobile does not have to cost the world. Every dollar you spent is carefully checked to maximise value where possible.

Talk to our friendly team today for more information on how to import your JDM or Euro dream car today.

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A collection of cars we've imported with passion