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Importing a Suzuki Spacia Gear

Japanese Kei cars are gaining in popularity in Australia, and for good reason. These quirky looking cars are powered by a highly efficient 660cc engine, mainly with a CVT gearbox. While packing only 66hp, it is zippy enough for everyday metro traffic. The small dimensions make it easy to find parking. The usual boxy shapes ensure massive interior room, and these cars are packed with clever designs that maximise every square inch available.

The Suzuki Spacia Gear has been a Japanese favourite, and for good reason. The funky exterior design shares many cues with the Suzuki Jimny, looking rugged and functional. Aimed at those with active lifestyles, the Spacia Gear has many features that make life easy and fun.


The interior seats use hardwearing and easy to clean neoprene cloth for dirt and water resistance. The hard plastics on the dash and touch places are tough and scratch resistant. The Spacia Gear comes with roof racks as standard, so you can mount kayaks, ski racks and boxes with ease. The front and rear seats can fold completely flat, so you can fit an air mattress inside for camping. A 12V cigarette lighter and USB port in the rear

The Spacia Gear also has a long list of manufacturer accessories that make camping and outdoors life much easier. Suzuki offers Spacia Gear specific accessories such as canopies, mosquito netting, air mattress, roof racks and many more. Contact us for more details.


The Spacia Gear is offered with a choice of a hybrid or turbo hybrid 660cc engine, or 2WD/4WD configuration. It is equipped with a host of safety features such as lane keeping assist, automated cruise control, electronic brake distribution, ABS and VSC. Features such as rear view and 360 degree cameras can also be optioned. The Spacia Gear uses the latest HEARTECT chassis technology to protect the occupants in an accident. The Spacia Gear is also equipped with two side curtain airbags, two B pillar airbags, and front airbags for the driver and passenger.

As Australia’s premier Suzuki Spacia Gear importer, we can offer a choice of bringing an Spacia Gear that ticks all of your boxes. The basic Spacia Gear starts at $25,000 and goes up to $40,000 depending on the model, mileage and features ticked. We can also order a brand new Spacia Gear from the dealership, with options specified exactly to your requirements. Contact us if you have any special requests for Spacia Gear parts.


We can also provide servicing and parts for the Suzuki Spacia Gear if you wish to maintain, accessorise, or modify your car. 


If you have any questions regarding importing a Suzuki Spacia Gear, fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you!


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